WeFunder campaign shows community support for transforming the restaurant industry

The Main Street Phoenix Project recently acquired Griffin Coffee in Edgewater, CO.

The Main Street Phoenix Project (MSPP) — an effort to transform the food service industry through cooperative ownership — has made its first acquisition, Griffin Coffee, located in Edgewater, CO, just outside Denver. Griffin Coffee is more than a coffee shop; it is a community center, showcasing local artists and…

To create demand business schools need a new message

This article continues the conversation on teaching employee ownership at the nation’s business schools. Kim Blaugher is executive director of the Beyster Institute at the UC San Diego Rady School of Management. The Beyster Institute is one of the few business graduate school programs with specialized training in employee ownership.

The UC San Diego Rady School of Management houses the Beyster Institute.

Benchmarking survey shows coops offer better jobs, resulting in less turnover

Worker-owned home care cooperatives continue to grow impressively year by year, according to the third annual survey done by The ICA Group, in partnership with the Cooperative Development Foundation. While the first 30 years of home care cooperative development was slow, the past decade has seen a significant uptick, and…

An unusual employee-ownership model shows tremendous promise

An intriguing and potentially replicable new model in employee ownership is at work at Empowered Ventures. This firm is structured as a holding company, created to acquire a diverse group of lower middle-market businesses, with a key difference: Empowered Ventures is 100 percent owned by the employees of its subsidiaries…

Policy and advocacy organization plans to build political momentum for broad-based ownership policies

Building a political movement in support of broad-based ownership is the aim of a new organization launched this week, Ownership America. Founded by Jack Moriarty, a recent graduate of the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, with support from a group of long-time employee ownership advocates, the initial…

Goal to reach small business owners who haven’t considered the employee ownership option

Employee Ownership Equals (“EO Equals”) is a new 18-month education and marketing campaign designed to build awareness of the benefits of employee ownership among small business owners — and to offer them support in finding a model that works for their business. The campaign is led by four organizations well-known…

New report argues worker ownership is solution to multiple economic challenges

Ten Ohio nonprofits that support employee-owned businesses have formed the Ohio Worker Ownership Network (OWoN). Among them is the Ohio Employee Ownership Center, located at Kent State University, one of the oldest centers in the county. In part because of its efforts, Ohio has a robust number of employee-owned firms-about…

Academy of Management workshop shows some faculty are finding creative ways to fill the gap

With few exceptions, today’s business schools are failing to teach about employee ownership. Their lapse limits the expansion of shared-ownership models and it harms the American worker by limiting future business leaders’ exposure to an idea proven to significantly increase the wealth of working people and improve company performance.


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