Equitable Economy Fund will provide early-stage equity

by Karen Kahn

Start.Coop Accelerator Cohort, 2021

A 10-year review shows the Cleveland Model has delivered for workers

by Karen Kahn

With profit-sharing, Evergreen Cooperative Laundry worker-owners are earning a blended rate of nearly $20 per hour.

A “no hassle” form of employee ownership

by Karen Kahn

EOTs offer business owners a private, flexible, easy-to-understand, and…

Teaching faculty, researchers, and the public can access the Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership (CLEO)

by Adria Scharf

Taylor Guitars converts to 100 percent employee ownership with unique finance partner

by Karen Kahn

New hotline spurring interest in employee ownership conversions

By Karen Kahn

Brooklyn Stone and Tile converted to a worker cooperative, with the assistance of NYC’s Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative.

Employee-owned firms continue to demonstrate resiliency during pandemic

by Karen Kahn

Researchers examine what is needed for successful business to cooperative conversions

Quebec’s cooperative ambulance service has over 160 members, including 147 paramedics.

Filling the finance gap to accelerate employee ownership

by Karen Kahn

Local holding companies could help save small businesses and create a more equitable economy

by Karen Kahn

Local Economy Preservation Funds could “save local businesses at scale, while also creating a more equitable, sustainable, and democratic economy.”

Fifty by Fifty: Employee Ownership News

Working to grow employee ownership in the U.S. to 50 million by 2050. Learn more at http://fiftybyfifty.org and http://medium.com/fifty-by-fifty

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